Collaboration Success Wizard

Are you working on a collaborative project, with people in other organizations and/or locations, that doesn’t seem to be as effective as it could be? Based on nearly 2 decades of research on scientific collaboratories, the Collaboration Success Wizard is a web-based service that asks members of a project about their collaboration whether it’s currently ongoing, occurred in the past, or is being planned for the future. The Wizard can identify potential vulnerabilities and areas for improvement, based on an individual respondent’s answers, and can suggest things to do and to discuss as starting points for overcoming them. In addition, the Collaboration Success Wizard team will review and analyze the aggregate responses from a project and provide feedback to the project.

Publications of the Project:
  • Bietz, M. J., Abrams, S., Cooper, D., Stevens, K.R., Puga, F., Patel, D., Olson, G.M., 7 Olson, J. S. (2012) Improving the odds through the Collaboration Success Wizard. Translational Behavioral Medicine, 2(4), 480-486.